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Why Choose Pure Tea?

We pride ourselves on our quality, price,organic certification, great range and unique teaware.

Happiness Guarantee

At Pure Tea, your happiness is incredibly importance to us – which is why we offer a happiness guarantee!

Tea Quality

We source our organic tea exclusively from small tea gardens that use  traditional methods of production.

Zero Waste Tea

All of our organic teas are available in our lovely re-usable caddies. Join the zero waste movement.

Recent Articles

Ultimate Guide to Chinese Green Tea

In China, tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are subdivided into six different types: white, yellow, light green, green, red and black. In the West, green tea and light green tea are not distinguished: both are grouped as green tea. Green tea, in essence, is ‘unoxidised’ where no chemical change occurs because the tea leaves are prevented [...]

Our Favourite Flavoured Black Teas

The diversity of black tea is immense. Depending on terroir, harvest time and finesse in production they vary vastly in taste. Black tea is the most common type of tea accounting for up to 85% of total tea consumption in the western world. Black tea is fully oxidised and has darker appearance, stronger flavour and can [...]

White Tea – The rarest and most prized of all teas

White tea is one of the rarest and most prized of all teas. Light, delicate and subtle, this much-loved favourite is the perfect introduction to the world of fine Chinese teas. The least processed of all types of tea, white tea is made by selecting the youngest leaves and silvery buds to create a sweet, [...]

First Flush Darjeeling Teas – The Essential Guide

First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea gardens’ harvest season. The new leaves plucked during First Flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and produce the purest and freshest cup of tea that a plant is capable of delivering. The most well-known and popular First [...]


At Pure Tea, quality comes first!

That’s why our certified organic teas are pure in character and exceptional in flavour. It’s also why you’ll enjoy a fabulous taste experience with every cup.

Our loose-leaf organic tea range includes a hand-picked selection of white, green, black and oolong teas from traditional specialty tea gardens of Japan, China, India and Africa.

Order securely from our organic tea shop. We’ll even ship to the UK for free!

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