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We pride ourselves on our quality, price,organic certification, great range and unique teaware.

Happiness Guarantee

At Pure Tea, your happiness is incredibly importance to us – which is why we offer a happiness guarantee!

Tea Quality

We source our organic tea exclusively from small tea gardens that use traditional, sustainable, methods of production.

Recent Articles

First Flush Darjeeling Teas – The Essential Guide

First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea gardens’ harvest season. The new leaves plucked during First Flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and produce the purest and freshest cup of tea that a plant is capable of delivering. The most well-known and popular First [...]

A Guide to Japanese Green Tea

A History of Japanese Green Tea Tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the 700s. The Buddhist monks Kukai and Saicho may have been the first to bring tea seeds to Japan. At the beginning of the Japanese tea history, the drink was exclusive to the upper classes when Emperor Saga, the Japanese [...]

A Guide to Chinese Green Tea

Tea Plants In China tea plants are subdivided into six different types: white, yellow, light green, green, red and black.In the West, green tea and light green tea are not distinguished: both are grouped as green tea.Within the six types of tea there are many different varieties and grades. Chinese tea culture categorizes tea in [...]

Tea and Britain – A History

From China to Britain, with a few stops in between! Tea is believed to have originated in China, several thousand years ago. Legend has it that the Chinese Emperor, Chen Nung, discovered it one day completely by chance. He was resting near a tea bush, when some leaves blew from the plant and into his [...]


At Pure Tea, quality comes first.

That’s why our certified organic teas are pure in character and exceptional in flavour. It’s also why you’ll enjoy a fabulous taste experience with every cup.

Our loose-leaf organic teas include wonderful white teas , gratifying green teas , blinding black teas, outstanding oolong teas, and pyramid teabags. And, to top it off, a handy range of tea accessories.

Order securely from our organic tea shop. We’ll even ship to the UK for free!

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