About Pure Tea

About Us

Pure Tea is a tea company that specialises in 100% organic teas.

We are proud to offer some of the very finest organic teas online including: –

Fine Tea Accessories

We also offer a range of excellent tea accessories which include tea strainers, glass and bone china tea pots, matcha spoons, you can find them in our shop!

Click here to see more Tea Accessories.

Wholesale Tea

We supply our exquisite range of organic teas to hotels, cafes, restaurants, tea shops, refill and zero-waste stores.

Our Wholesale Tea selection offers a truly exception customer experience.

Tea Quality

Here at Pure Tea, our expectations are high – and never more so than when it comes to the quality of our organic tea.

At Pure Tea we Guarantee:

  • All our organic teas have been personally selected by our tea taster.
  • All our organic teas are certified organic, according to EC organic farming regulations.
  • All our organic teas are pesticide-free.


The best organic tea, at an affordable price

Pure Tea was founded on the conviction that top-quality organic tea needn’t cost the earth.

Determined to adhere to this principle, we make a concerted effort to minimise our costs.

Once the savings have been made, we don’t use them to line our own pockets. We use them to charge up to 20 per cent less than current market prices – making our organic tea satisfyingly affordable!