Certified organic tea: made as nature intended

Certified organic tea has a lot to recommend it. It’s produced using sustainable farming methods, which is good news for the planet. And, last but not least, it’s farmed without the addition of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.

Today, more and more consumers are embracing the organic way of life. At Pure Tea, we believe that this is more than just a passing trend. We think the organic food industry is here to stay – and we’re delighted to be a part of it.

If you’re as committed to organic produce as we are, then our certified organic tea will be the perfect addition to your store cupboard.

All of our offered tea are certified organic whether you’re looking for White Tea, Black Tea, Flavoured Tea or more!

Why buy certified organic tea?

In short, because it’s guaranteed to be organic.

It’s an unfortunate fact that food labelling can sometimes mislead us. Products described as “natural” or “100 per cent natural” can easily be mistaken for organic produce, when they’re nothing of the sort.

Our certified organic tea has passed rigorous scrutiny to earn its organic label. It is cultivated under a set of strict EU regulations that govern farming practices, and prohibit the use of irradiation, genetically modified organisms and synthetic chemicals.

So, when we say our tea is organic, you can be assured that we mean it.

Discover our organic tea in its diversity and purityChina Whit Yin Zhen Silver Needle