Pure Tea Philosophy – The best organic tea, at an affordable price

Pure Tea was founded on the conviction that top-quality organic tea needn’t cost the earth.

Determined to adhere to this principle, we make a concerted effort to minimise our costs. We only sell our tea via the internet, and don’t invest in expensive marketing campaigns or fancy packaging.

Once the savings have been made, we don’t use them to line our own pockets. We use them to charge up to 20 per cent less than current market prices – making our organic tea satisfyingly affordable.

Organic tea that’s true to its origins

We think the best organic teas are those that reflect their roots. That is why all of our teas are typical of the regions in which they’re grown – in taste, colour and aroma.

We source all of our organic tea from small, traditional tea gardens. Our tea producers use centuries-old techniques to grow and harvest their tealeaves, and generations-worth of expertise to process and grade them with skill.

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Sustainable and fair tea production

Through sustainable land use and organic cultivation, our tea producers embody the concept of man and nature living in harmony with each other.

By selling to us direct, our suppliers obtain a fair price for their tea. This means higher wages for their workers, and the chance to reinvest profits in their plantations.

Discover our organic tea in its diversity and purityChina Jasmin Silver Dragon Pearls