Golden Yunnan Dongzhai Chinese Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf


An impressive Chinese black tea with a mellow, aromatic taste and a slightly earthy, sweet finish.

Sold in 100g bags.


A wonderful balanced black tea with plenty of character grown in Yunnan, one of the most traditional tea growing areas in China.

The First Grade description indicates that only a single bud with the first fresh leaf is hand-picked to create this first class tea.

These leaves can be infused more than once. The first brew will catch your taste buds with soft, full-bodied nuances and notes of mild, long-lasting memories of forest honey. If you brew the leaves a second time, the character of mild sweetness deepens and chocolate notes appear to balance the taste.

A true classic Chinese black tea: impressive and full of character but soft and sweet at the same time with a lovely balance.

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Pure Tea - Golden Yunnan Dongzhai

Tea Garden For China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai

The Dongzhai tea garden can be found in the Chinese province of Yunnan amongst the Wuliang mountains at an average altitude of 1500m.

This unusual tea garden is managed with a focus on ecological and social responsibility. All teas are exclusively hand-picked and mostly processed manually.

Pure Tea - A Guide to Golden Yunnan Dongzhai - Tea Garden

How To Brew

  • 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 100C
  • 2 – 3 min
  • Repeat brewing of up to 3 to 4 times is possible
Golden Yunnan - How To Brew

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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