White Monkey Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf


China White Monkey is an unusual green tea with a high level of white leaf buds.



What makes this green tea special is the high amount of fluffy white leaf buds.

The buds create a very clear and light-coloured brew that is almost colourless.

The cup tastes sweet, fruity and mild with a light background of typical tart green tea character.

The production process is similar to that of white tea. Careful rolling to break the leaf cells, followed by natural drying under the sun.

There is no further heat applied to the leaves. This method creates a particularly mild and finely aromatic tea.

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Tea Garden For China White Monkey Tea

The Qingshan tea garden is part of the Chinese province Hunan.

The sizable estate includes 350 acres approved for organic farming.

The garden is set in a mountainous landscape with an altitude of around 750m and is part of a peninsula in the middle of an artificial lake.

Of the 200 families living in the area, 148 are involved in tea production.

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How To Brew

  • 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 80C
  • 3 min
  • Repeat brewing of up to 3 to 5 times is possible
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Additional information

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100 g, 200 g


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