Filter Bags for Tea


Handy paper filter bags for loose leaf tea

Brew tea with no mess

Easy disposal



Why Choose Tea Filter Bags?

The very best teas are sold in loose leaf form and to really enjoy them you can use a tea filter bag. Yes, you can also buy good leaf teas in pyramid teabags too but generally the range and choice tends to be far smaller. It’s also somewhat more expensive to buy tea in teabags.

However, loose leaf tea is not really as convenient to use as teabags. There is a way to have the best of both worlds though. Use paper tea filter bags and you will, in effect create your own teabags. You can use all your favourite teas and not have to compromise with a limited range.

Tea Filter Bags are easy and convenient to use

We stock two sizes of filter bags. Extra Long can be used for everything from a mug up to the biggest teapots. Small Filter Bags are suitable for cups, mugs and smaller teapots.
To make tea using a filter bag, simply fill the bag with the required amount of tea (usually one teaspoonful per cup)  place it in the cup, mug or teapot and pour over the water. If you are concerned the filter may fall inside a teapot we recommend trapping it between the teapot body and lid. Once the brewing time is complete, remove the filter bag for disposal. The bag is compostable so can be added to your food waste. No tea leaves to wash down the sink, no mess and a perfectly brewed cup of tea. The filter bag will not impart any flavour or taste either. Perfect!

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