Bancha Japanese Green Tea by Morimoto – Organic Loose Leaf


Fantastic fine Bancha with plenty of floral notes.

Sold in 100g bags.


A special bancha with floral notes

Around 2 weeks after the first harvest, when only the uppermost, finest leaves of the newly grown shoots are harvested, the post-harvest for the Hayashi Mai-Bancha takes place. The Hayashi family takes great care in making their special spring bancha. In addition to the typical strong Bancha taste, the Hayashi Mai Bancha is characterized by delicate floral notes that give the tea a pleasant freshness. Due to the low caffeine content, the Hayashi Mai-Bancha is an ideal companion for the whole day.

In one day, the harvest takes place on the various plots. The amount of harvest is very small, so it takes a whole day to get enough leaves to process. The leaves wilt under airflow overnight and are steamed, rolled and dried step by step the following day. Since the regrown leaves are somewhat thicker than the fine leaves for the noble Senchas, the Hayashi Mai Bancha is not needle-shaped, but folded flat.

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Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea

The Hayashi family’s tea garden is located on Honshu, the largest of Japan’s four main islands, about an hour and a half by train from Nagoya towards the sea coast, in Mie Prefecture. Iwao Hayashi is considered a pioneer in the Japanese organic scene, who already followed his ideals at the end of the 1970s and converted the business to ecological farming.

At other organic tea gardens, for example in Uji (Kyoto Prefecture) or in Miyazaki Prefecture, he is known as an expert in natural methods to ward off pests – a fundamental topic in organic tea cultivation in Japan. Kimihiko Hayashi – the son of Iwao Hayashi – has been responsible for the production of the family business for several years. As an expert, the father continues to take care of the cultivation.

Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea - Tea Garden

How To Brew Hayashi Mai Bancha

  • 1 – 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 75 – 85C
  • 90 sec
  • Repeat brewing of up to 5 times is possible with approx. 20 sec brewing time
Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea - How To Brew

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