Bancha Japanese Green Tea by Morimoto – Organic Loose Leaf


Fantastic fine Bancha with plenty of floral notes.

Sold in 100g bags.


The Morimoto family have produced a Bancha that is really rather special.

The tea has plenty of floral notes that complement extremely well with the typical full-flavoured, fresh character of Bancha.

The leaves can be infused up to 5 times and the taste of the infusion strengthens with every brew.

The later cups are almost reminiscent of an Oolong despite the fact the leaves are not even partially fermented.

Shortly after the first harvest of Sencha, the same tea plants are plucked for this Bancha taking the slightly larger leaves together with the freshly regrown buds.

The slightly thicker leaves are not rolled, but rather folded flat which produces a particularly long lasting taste experience.

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Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea

Tea Garden For Hayashi Mai Bancha

The Morimoto tea garden is set up not far from the town Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu.

Originally a very small garden some 40 years ago, the organic tea growing has evolved with the Morimoto’s ever since.

The tea garden is organic not for profit or marketing reasons but entirely because they consider it a valuable goal to cultivate natural tea in an environment of ecological equilibrium.

Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea - Tea Garden

How To Brew Hayashi Mai Bancha

  • 1 – 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 75 – 85C
  • 90 sec
  • Repeat brewing of up to 5 times is possible with approx. 20 sec brewing time
Pure Tea - A Guide To Mai Bancha Tea - How To Brew

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Weight 100 g


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