Lemongrass Tea – Organic Loose Leaf


Carefully produced by hand from cut to finish – a lemon grass with an intense fresh lemon note.

Sold in 30g bags.


Lemon grass lovers will be delighted with the outstanding fragrance of Rute Cruz’s lemongrass tea that she grows in her small herb garden in Ponte de Lima.

Her creation makes a marvelous, fresh lemongrass tea with sparkling lemon notes and a wonderful clear cup.

Rute cuts her lemon grass with a sickle by hand every 4 to 6 weeks during April to October.

After cutting, the fresh lemon grass is dried in a gas heated room.

The cunning drying process preserves the unique, fragrant fresh notes that are later released when the dried grass is infused and transfers these impressive lemon notes into the cup.

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Pure Tea - A Guide To Lemongras Tea

Tea Garden For Lemongrass Tea

The farm Quinta da Cruz is set up in province Minho, the lush and fruitful grounds of North Portugal.

When Rute Cruz took over her parent’s farm she converted to organic farming.

Today a little less than half the acres are cultivated for wine; the remaining ground is shared by fruit (mainly kiwi) and herbs.

Pure Tea - A Guide To Lemongras Tea - Tea Garden

How To Brew

  • 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 100C
  • 5 to 8 min
  • Repeat brewing of up to 2 to 3 times is possible
Pure Tea - A Guide To Lemongras Tea - How To Brew

Additional information

Weight 30 g


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