Peppermint Tea – Organic Loose Leaf


Stunning peppermint tea with lovely cool invigorating freshness.

Sold in 80g bags.


Spicy, aromatic peppermint tea with a lovely cool invigorating freshness and a hint of sweetness.

The predominant ingredient of peppermint is the peppermint essential oil; the most important aroma is menthol.

There are many wild growing mint varieties in Europe, whereas only the peppermint is used for farming.

Peppermint grows between 50 and 100cm in height, and the strong aroma is released by rubbing the leaves between fingers.

Peppermint is the national beverage in Arabic countries and North Africa but is appreciated across Europe as a refreshing drink.

The infusion tastes pleasantly cool and is very refreshing; it is also recommended as a cold brew during hot summer’s days.

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How To Brew Peppermint Tea

  • 2 tsp for 0.3l
  • 100C
  • 5 – 8 min
  • Repeat brewing of up to 2 times is possible

Additional information

Weight 80 g


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