Organic Green Tea Sweet Pi Lo Chun Pyramid Teabags


Chinese green tea at its best. Organic Sweet Pi Lo Chun is a light, aromatic tasting green tea with finely tart but yet sweet nuances. Prepare this delicious cup of green tea at any time of the day with our convenient pyramid tea bags.


This Sweet Pi Lo Chun Pyramid Teabags from the southern Chinese province of Fujian is characterized by its sweet, slightly fruity flavor and its yellow – green cup color.

Translated Pi Lo Chun explains as per the following
Pi: The color of tea (green as emerald)
Lo: The shape of the leaves (small snails)
Chun: The Spring (The tea is harvested in spring)

Content per box: 15 pyramid tea bags of 2,75g each = 41,25g of tea in total

*from controlled organic farming DE-ÖKO-009

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