Verbena Verveine Tea – Organic Loose Leaf


Whole leafed Verbena with a delicate, lemony fragrance and lovely fruity taste.

Sold in 30g bags.


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Originating from South America, Portugal has been growing lemon verbena since the 18th century.

The rich soil, pleasing rainfall and the powerful warmth of the sun help to develop a particularly intense lemon flavour.

Rita and Miguel love the work in their herb gardens and take great care in looking after the plants from seed to crop.

They harvest the plants manually with a hand scythe every 6 to 8 weeks during May to October.

The delicate leaves are removed from the steams by hand and carefully dried thereafter.

This is the only way to secure the consistent quality they have to offer.

Pure Tea - Verben Portugal Tea

Tea Garden For Verbena Portugal Tea

In 2013 Rita and Miguel Bastos gave the old family farm a new lease of life.

Previously used to grow wine, the land is now ground for a variety of herbs.

Rita and Miguel use the 7.5 acres of land to cultivate 8 different types of herbs to organic standard.

They both live in a harmonious relationship with nature and enjoy the everyday challenge that comes with it.

The first few years were spent purely preparing the ground, planting the herbs and installing a watering system.

Now they can harvest and enable you to enjoy their crops.

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Pure Tea - Verbena Portugal Tea Garden

How To Brew Verbena Verveine Tea

  • 4 – 5 leaves for 0.3l
  • Repeat brewing of up to 2 to 3 times possible
  • 100C
  • 5 – 8 min
Pure Tea - Verbena Portugal - How To Brew

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Weight 30 g


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