Zero Waste Tea

Pure Tea & the Zero Waste Movement

Loose leaf tea has long been seen as the best way to enjoy a great cup of tea.

Pure Tea only buys organic leaf teas from small accredited and certified organic tea gardens.

Yes, we do still offer a small range of pyramid tea bags but the predominance of our teas are traded in bulk.

Organic tea is a valuable product and taking the entire world tea production only 20% to 25% is produced using the traditional Orthodox method.

That means hand picking and careful processing in small quantities relying on the skills and knowledge in the tea gardens to produce teas of the highest quality. By contrast the remaining quantities are mass produced for high volume.

On a whole the percentage of organic loose leaf teas is still very low which makes us very proud being able to offer you these fantastic teas.

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    The Growth of The Zero Waste Movement

    The terrible images of our sea waters full of plastic waste have certainly triggered some peoples mind and have made an enormous impact on the way we will be shopping in the future.

    Every reasonable sized town will soon have a Zero Waste Shop and local farmers markets are booming with more and more produce being offered with little or no packaging.

    Recycling is not new and since the terrible wasteful times in the 1960s and 70s more and more nations have woken up to the fact that something has to be done to keep our planet cleaner and less polluted with waste.

    The UK is still behind many other European countries but more and more measures are being put into place for the nation to catch up.

    Tea & the Zero Waste Movement

    Tea still needs some packaging because it is naturally a product that will absorb other odours very easily just like chocolate for that matter.

    So if you buy organic loose leaf tea from us you should consider obtaining one of our lovely re-usable caddies at the same time.

    Tea also needs to be kept airtight and away from light to keep at its best; if you would like to decant the tea into a lovely storage container or jar it will keep fresh and aromatic for many months to come.

    Just because we are thinking about creating less waste does not mean we have to justify in the quality and taste of the tea because this remains our priority after all.

    For Zero Waste shopkeepers searching for an interesting range of organic loose leaf teas to offer to their customers we have wholesale conditions in hand.

    Over the last 18 months we have started to work with a number of Zero Waste concepts across the UK and the feedback is thoroughly positive.

    To complement the teas we can offer large tea caddies to make your shop look beautiful and we provide information and training around the teas so you can offer your customers the best possible service.

    Once people start to love a certain tea they will come back and again providing ongoing repeat business.

    The Future of the Zero Waste Movement

    Public awareness is increasing to reduce waste and also for the manufacturers that produce packaging to actually use material that can be recycled.

    There is huge potential for the future to develop ways and methods to deal with our waste.

    In the meantime we all can contribute a little in our day to day life to avoid the odd plastic bag and packaging wherever possible.

    Make a start today and if you are a tea lover you are in the right place at Pure Tea to discover and enjoy our lovely loose leaf organic teas ranging from white teas, green teas, oolongs to black teas and fruit and herbals.

    There is no taste preference we could not cover whether you like a strong Assam in the morning, a delicate awakening cup of Darjeeling in the Afternoon or a soothing caffeine-free mug of peppermint after dinner.

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